ROOT CHAKRA: #Sacred Twerking Tuesday

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05 Apr

Sacred Twerk Tuesday Day #1 – ROOT CHAKRA MONTH


Make em’ clap! I love twerking, I been loving it way before it was a ‘thing’ or done by skinny white girls on youtube and mass media. I love twerking for it is grounding, it also feels so-so good and it makes me happy as I ‘thighrate’ these thighs and butt cheeks, let them loose so they can jump and drop to the beat, with my knees slightly bent and feet firmly on the ground, and if I really feel like putting the extra umph to the bounce I place my hands on my knees. After sometime of twerking you can stylize it, take it to the floor, do it while in split or whatever, but really the basics is where it’s at and today I wanted to start our root chakra work with twerking, invite you to join me as we let the thunder between your hips shake the ground beneath you. Here are some thoughts to help you deepen your practice and bring you the magic of Root Chakra.

‘I’m perfectly balanced, I love the ‘bad’ and the ‘good’ in me.

I’m one with nature, she guides me, teaches me and in return I respect her and take care of her.

I’m one with my feminine power, I embrace everything that makes who I am.

I’m a perfect size, my body has done me well, I love my every curve, the hair that grows on my body, every stretch mark, every grey hair, every wrinkle, I love my every unruly curl.

This is my day, my time and I can twerk if I want to! Because I’m a bad bitch. I trust love and in return love trusts me. I am love – everyday – all day’

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