27 Jun

The base. It represents our sense of home, the foundation, vitality, the source of life and death itself.

The Root Chakra – if in balance you feel strong, healthy, with healthy appetite for sex and life itself. You are fearless but not foolish. You feel secure and safe in this world. (Okay note here: speaking as a black woman, no I don’t mean that we can ignore all the foolishness that’s going on, but more so that you feel secure within your stance to speak up and be present in changing whatever doesn’t work for you) The matters of your home are sorted and in good standing. Your natural cravings are for well balanced diet (another note: balanced a.k.a one day pizza and shit and next eat a salad like a skinny bitch) and you rarely starve or over eat. You have lots of energy and great sense of where you come from and so you know where you are going. Your intuition is your loud and clear ace, boon and coon.

If any of it sounded like somewhere you’d like to be but not quite there yet, join me as each day I’ll share either a dance inspiration, matra for your meditation or sound bite to help you get there.

Root chakra is so fitting now, because it’s about looking at the very basics of our lives and getting ourselves strong to first be the best versions of our selves so we can also change the environment that we live in.

Focusing on just the root chakra until the 20th of July, gives you plenty of ways to improve the balance of your first chakra- the root chakra.

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