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06 Jul

ROOT CHAKRA: Meditation for today: The Moon cycle

Some time ago, I was introduced to the idea that we as women could align our menstrual cycles with the cycle of the moon. As the moon cycle matches the menstrual cycle perfectly, both being 28-day cycles. Every 28 days your holy vagina walls renew themselves by bleeding, and just like that the Moon holy self renews herself by disappearing from the night sky – called the ‘new moon’. 14 days later from the ‘new moon’ phase, the moon is FULL in her night sky glory, which is precisely when ovulation occurs within a healthy menstrual cycle.

Now ain’t that dope!

Further more, I discovered amongst Native Americans communities this had been a common practice for centuries. Here’s a link to useful website for more info on their practice and history of it.

After years having my menstrual cycle aligned with the moon cycles, I have discovered many benefits, here’s list of few:

The BEST practical benefit is that you are ALWAYS on top of your cycle. If you are ever in doubt of what day was it again that you might come on this month or need to report to a doctor when you last bleed, now all it takes is a quick Google search on the moon calendar and voila! You have the dates of new moon (when you most likely bleed), dates of the full moon (which gives you indication when you will ovulate) and so on…

Aligning your menstrual cycles with the moon cycle can make you more fertile, for those seeking to have kids this is great news! For those wishing not to, there’s the reversed cycle (that’s less fertile) you can align your cycle with, this reversed cycle is also very powerful (bleed on the full moon and ovulate on the new moon). I will write more about this cycle in the near future.

But perhaps the most significant benefit is the psychological benefit. Subconsciously something shifts when you internalize month after month that your body has been created to match with something so magnificent, eternal and mystical like the moon. All the social conditioning that periods are something we should shield away from society as much as possible, start to chip away. I remember how buying pads would always be something I would try to disguise by putting the pads under other items as if there were not in my shopping cart, or being terrified at the thought is if my boyfriend sees my blood stain in the bed or on my panties, or how it’s the society burden to bare with the irrational psychotic behaviors that women display around their periods and how pharmaceutical gods have come to rescue us by giving us pills so we can behave like normal human beings ALL around the month! smh… Anyway, little by little you start to feel differently about this life giving, blood renewing incident that allows you to bleed without dying each month. You start to realize what a blessing it is, and instead of annoyed that as a woman you are subject to this ‘unjust’ event each month, you start to celebrate it. You give yourself time to enjoy the first two days of heavy bleeding, meditating how you and the moon are in exact same phase at the exact same time. You relax more allowing your body to rest. You spoil yourself with comfort as you know, you are a life giving force, a goddess and a creator. You adorn your body and love it wholeheartedly.

Would you like some of this magic in your life? Simply start my mediating each day, rubbing you lower belly. The last ‘new moon’ was just Monday that passed, so you have almost a month until the next one – August 3rd. Each day place an intention, and you will see how your period will start shifting to align itself, just like that. This is what I did, few years back and with in 3-4 months I was bang on the Moon cycle, I have also been on the reversed moon cycle which I will talk about soon…

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  1. September 19, 2016


    Thank you for your insight. I intend to link my cycle with the new moon. Love, light and abundant blessings to you.

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