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08 Jul

ROOT CHAKRA – Meditation theme for today: Letting go of fear in your life. Not being afraid of others judgment, being comfortable doing you.

Dance inspiration – ‪#‎FreestyleFriday‬

It’s Friday, so let’s dance into the weekend!

Freestyle dancing is like practicing how to let go of the routine, forgetting the rules and trying to control the outcomes. Instead, in freestyle it’s all about the spontaneity, having less fear of judgment. In freestyle you trust your body, you trust the music and you trust that at the end of the song you have expressed your authentic self, which is the BEST version of you (anyway)! Freestyling is like dancing with your intuition, listening to how your body wants to move today, what part of your body needs movement more than the other. Trusting that the music will guide you and take you places where you desire.

So without further due, Freestyle Friday!


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