ROOT CHAKRA: Intuition vs. Fear



08 Jul

Alton Sterling, Philado Castile, BREXIT and 200+ dead in Iraq.

ROOT CHAKRA – Meditation Intuition vs. Fear

As of lately, I have found myself bursting into emotional outbursts of either tears or just anger and determination, much like most of my fellow friends and family members.

It’s been both a locally felt regression while also a collective sense that rather than humanity moving forwards it is moving backwards. On my last visit to London after the referendum, I was shocked how it had managed to morph into something rather unrecognizable from the London I fell in love with 10 years ago. The London I had known to be (at least on the surface) embracing of different cultures where someone like me with mixed cultural background could blend in perfectly, now was fueled by the fear mongers and racially motivated bigots into believing it was okay to attack anyone that seemed ‘Un-English’ even blonde blue eyed folk I heard had been attacked for being Polish immigrants and told to go back where they came from. Fast forwarding to only few days later I’m watching in horror while Alton Sterling struggles to take his last breath while his chest ripped up with bullets from officers that were(and still are) paid to serve and protect, for what? For selling a CDs? No f*cking way. It’s gone too far…and I’m still processing this when from my birth city emerges news of Philando Castile’s video…child and girlfriend at tow. Leaving millions of people wondering what’s next? How can we stop this? What can I do, is there anything that can be done? We cling on to Jesse Williams poignant and timely speech from previous week BET awards, because we know we need leaders, speakers of truth, love and hope to mobilize ourselves. So we don’t give up. So that we find the strength to fight back. Fear has gotten us all gripped, imagine city like Baghdad where over 200 people have died from suicide bomb attack on regular civilians, as people were getting ready to celebrate Eid Mubarak…smdh

What’s interesting is that the fear is on both sides. Fear seems to fuel the aggressor as well as the ones that are suffering from the aggression. Phobias and fears are mobilizing people into actions of horror. If you think about it, it’s the simple thought that ‘if I don’t do something and do it quick my safety will be in jeopardy’ that can be linked to most of the terror acts that we are witnessing. We can add to this raw emotion of fear – power, racial motivation, money and patriotism and we get cocktails of disaster, but at the core of it still ‘just’ fear. And the actions that have spiraled out of fear has now caused MORE fear within the hearts of people who are attacked. SO the question remains what can be done?

While in the thick of this madness, we need EVERYONE! This is not the time to be picky on how freedom fighting should be done, or look like or feel like? For the evolution, growth, revolution and change TO happen – we need people to work on ALL levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. So rather you are a musician, politician, activist, writer, dancer, nurse, lover, doctor or mother. We all have part to play in this and we ALL hold massive POWER in what we do. Just holding your child for likkl’ longer tonight after school will have it’s positive effect on the future. There’s no act too small or too big. Fear comes from us not listening to our gut or instinct, and being too much in our headspace, where we operate from learned understanding and what we learn unfortunately in this world is often misleading, even our mere language like English hinders us as in its core racially bias, so we need to go beyond what our brain can process and operate from higher understanding which again we ALL have access to no matter the education, class or color.

And remember as the struggle is worldwide so are the victories we will experience. Every victory that was made over our oppressors has fueled and helped other groups around the world, much like French revolution, ending of apartheid, Gandhi’s non violent war, abolishment of slavery etc. These have all served to be reminders that something that seemed impossible at the time can be done, but we do need to be vigilant, active, supportive of anyone that is putting in work for the freedom and positivity.

As I take my deep breath IN today and as I exhale I see America in not so distant future where the current president has made it priority to revamp the law enforcement policies to match other far more effective, non-violent and less prison time models that are being employed around the world, in countries like Canada, England, Scandinavia etc. I see much more sensible gun laws being roll out and this was made possible by the mobilization of everyday people like me & you… I choose not to fear, because I know that ultimately I only have this moment promised to me and I have all the power in THIS moment and I can choose to use this moment for good, progression, freedom and LOVE.

Harder shifts have been made in not too long ago, we can and we will do this.


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