Pia Love



Dance Production

Sharing the power of story telling through dance and performance. Currently touring with a production called: Sacred Puta which explores the complex relationship between Sacred Femininity and Sexuality; “it ruptures the false dichomy between a whore and a saint and challenges what a respectable woman could look and behave like” Through a series of short films and an interactive dance performance, Sacred Puta invokes the sexuality of sacred feminine figures around the world, such as Pachamama, Yemanja and the Virgin Mary. By doing so, the Sacred Puta creates a space that embodies the mysticism of nature and invites the audience to find new depths of love and healing through dance and spiritual practices. Wanna see it? Click here for more info 


The Blog

This is a space where I’ll share what I’ve discovered in my travels: the different dance styles I’ve learned within their cultural context. The healers I’ve encountered and the wisdoms that they have departed me with. Countless sceneries and natural wonders I’ve been forever blessed by. In efforts to also give something that you can use in your everyday life, for the wellness blog I’ve developed a seven month program where I will share dance routines, you can do in the comfort of your home that will bring holistic wellbeing and other tools to empower us all to live the best life! To get started reading click here For the curated dance adventures, email me at adventures(at)pialove.com



This workshop is about DANCE, ART AND FREEDOM. With a combination of dance classes, discussions/talks and art therapy, this workshop is designed to give everyone a chance to sweat, sing, share, create and feel more connected to their community (i.e. movement, organisation etc.). Accessibility is a major key in everything I do, so I’ve designed the workshop to be open to anyone really. My hope is that this workshops will energise you, give tools self-care and love, and open dialogue between people about fear, creating deep meaningful connections and discuss the meaning of love and art in everything we do including activism.  To book the workshop Please email me at workshops(at)pialove.com