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After receiving much interest to join me on my travels around the globe, I decided to organise a proper trip this April to Guatemala; a place that I’ve been dreaming about going to for awhile now. When I heard about the hiking trips to volcano mountains where you can see the volcanoes erupt regularly against the night sky and swimming with the wales, breathtaking scenic places like Lake Atalin I was sold on Guatemala, are you?!

In addition to my excitement of organising a memorable adventures, I’m really driven by opportunity to share my love for dance and wellness with you!

Wellbeing and DANCE is a massive priority in whatever I’m involved in and this Guatemala adventure is no exception, with loads of dance and wellness driven activities/treatments available at the comfort of your home with plenty options to relax and meditate in a beautiful serene atmosphere…



All inclusive trip includes:

Greeting drinks/snack

Gorgeous accomodation for 10 nights in Antigua, Guatemala

Overnight camping experience to the mountain Acatenango

A trip to Mayan Archeology site – Tikal in Flores, Guatemala

Day trip to Panajachel and Lake Atitlán with loads of activities available like, Kayaking, paragliding, swimming etc.

As much salsa dancing as your heart desires 🙂

Morning exercise and meditation sessions (optional)

Professional photos and videos (optional)

Additional activities available: 

Take advantage that you will have a  ray of healing related activites available in the comfort of your Guatemala home

Salsa and Spanish Classes and dancing in town

Day trip to the Volcanic sand beach on the Pacific coast of the Guatemala

3 day or 1 day Ayahuasca ceremony with local shaman (price for 3 day ceremony is 200 US Dollars)

Visit to a Mayan sauna – Temescal – to sweat out all the toxins & feel brand new!

Visit the Nature reserve with plenty of activities including ziplining across rich flora fauna and beautiful scenery.

Explore the picturesque city Antigua with gobblestone streets and variety of cafes and restaurants


Healing services available: 

Morning and evening dance sessions



Reflexology treatment

Tarot card sessions

Palm readings


Note: some of these are free, but most are subject to a small fee.

If you are interested, get in touch as soon as possible as there’s only limited spaces available. Or email me directly at adventures (at)

Looking forward to traveling you!!


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