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^ This photo is from the Amazon at the border of Ecuador and Brazil. While trekking through the rainforest we were accompanied by the most magnificent bright blue butterflies, it was truly beautiful experience and something that will not be forgotten soon. If you’d like to read the full blog post about the Amazon trip click here!

F%$&k, this is just too exciting! I’m finally ready to share my vault of photo and video series with you… inspired by dance, wellness, fashion, world of fantasy, sexuality, love and of course travel!


Growing up I was fascinated by the fashion editorials, not because of the designer brands, but for the imaginary world that was often created in these colourful pages of wonder, glamour and exotic scenery. Since then I realised that fashion gave me an outlet to explore the many sides of humanity, including myself. I’ve always held a view that fashion allows us to step into different characters, much like what custom, hair and make-up does for an actor, clothing can do that for us in everyday life. Really having fun and thinking limitless, I’ve been creating my own mini fashion editorials often accompanied by my daughter (also a fashion, and everything creative enthusiast), while traveling around the globe taking advantage of the breathtaking scenery that we often found ourselves in midst of. During this process I’ve gone through many different hair styles, expanded on my collection of tattoos and fearlessly challenged what 38 woman and mother should look like, dress like or act like.

How and where can I see them?

I’m going to share much of the photos and videos right here on page. Eventually the best of these series will be on tour for exhibitions and also there will be book published with some of these images. For now though, enjoy them from the comfort of your home, mobile or computer by clicking – PHOTO AND VIDEO GALLERY. And to not miss my next upload …

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The concepts at the heart of images are:

never grow boring, never stop exploring and believing in magic. Never limit yourself. You are never too old or young to step into a new territory or mindset. Live everyday like it’s your best life.

Dressing up and taking a photoshoots will continue to be my life long hobby, that hopefully will just keep getting more wild and more outrageous as I grow bolder and more free!

Want to collaborate with me?

I welcome collaborative spirit with open arms. I’d love to hear from interested fashion designers, photographers, film makers, magazine editors, accessory makers, musicians, indigenous communities, healers, virtual reality makers etc…

And if you like what I’ve created and want to exhibit, use it, alter it or whatever else have you, just get in touch. I’m easy to work with and of course would rather you contact me than use it without my consent. I’m in full support of artists working together. If you’d to like to re:post my photos, just add link to my instagram account @pialovenow. THANK YOU!!

 Let’s work together to breakdown harmful stereotypes, explore our own magic, spread love, and fight for freedom for ALL.

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