Sacred Puta

Dance Production

Sacred Puta explores the complex relationship between Sacred Femininity and Sexuality; “it ruptures the false dichotomy between a whore and a saint and challenges what a respectable woman could look and behave like”
Through a series of short films and an interactive dance performance, Sacred Puta invokes the sexuality of sacred feminine figures around the world, such as Pachamama, Yemanja and the Virgin Mary. By doing so, the Sacred Puta creates a space that embodies the mysticism of nature and invites the audience to find new depths of love and healing through dance and spiritual practices.
Sacred Puta is a hybrid of youth culture and traditional dances. The music used in the production celebrates the bond and exchange between urban music around the globe, including afrobeat, dancehall and reggeaton, and regional traditional dances.
Photo & Text credit: Jessica Alvarenga from

Category Dance Production



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