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Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by different cultures, perhaps this is because my own cultural roots are mixed between African American and Scandinavian, in any case I’ve always had a deep desire to be immersed in cultural experiences as varied as possible. Traveling to me, means experiencing the vastness and colourfulness of our planet and it’s occupants, each trip opening a new window of understanding, awareness and appreciation for how interconnected we are, yet there is so much that we don’t share or know about each other. Dancing has also been a big priority during my travels, learning a new dance style and the cultural context that it derives from. While living a real gypsy lifestyle, has afforded me to continuously travel, and explore as much of this beautiful, gracious world that we are so fortunate to occupy. The travel blog is where I would like to share some of the photos, videos and little gems of wisdom I’ve gathered along the way…To get started with reading them click here

I’m humbly grateful that some of my adventures have sparked an interest and I have been asked to curate trips to share. And what a blessing that is, as I really enjoy creating magical moments for others and sharing the love of dancing and wellness though these mini excursions to carefully hand selected havens around the globe.

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My first adventure offering is to Guatemala!! As this trip is nearly fully booked, I’ve also started organising my second curated DANCE adventure to Puerto Rico one of my favourite places on earth with secluded waterfalls, caves, white sand beaches, unlimited live music, salsa, dance and natural wonders like the biowaters in Culebra – to just name few reasons why I love this place…

If you’d like to register your interest please email me at adventures(at)

I also share much of my travels on my instagram account, hope to see you there @pialovenow




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