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My serious journey into wellness started about 2 years ago, while vacationing in south of Spain for Christmas with my family. During the vacation, I realized that I needed a change of lifestyle.  At the time I was working on my laptop 12 hours most days, running a small branding company. Although I loved my clients, the long hours on the computer was creating a long list of physical ailments. Which was at odds with my desire to live a life that served me fully, a life that kept me in my prime physically as well mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In fact, it’s the guiding principal of how I look at wellbeing, as something that includes ALL of you: your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. This is why I find dance such a powerful practice, because through dance we inherently are encaging health in the most holistic sense possible.

Dance Routines

Inspired by the rainbow of dance styles that I’ve been trained in (over 46 different styles to date), I wanted to create easy dance routines for anyone to practise in the comfort of their home that will enhance your health and wellbeing. After all there are dance styles that can open you emotionally and help you connect more deeply with self and others, and dance styles that are great for enhancing memory and other brain activity, obviously same applies for physical development and toning your body- dance really has it all. Rather you are religious, spiritual or atheist, dance can also lift your spirit (or mood whichever way you look at it).

Chakra inspired Wellness tips

Also the teachings of how to balance and open each Chakra has been fascinating to me for a while now, so I decided that in the addition to the dance routines I wanted to also share other tools of wellness, using Chakras to organise the info that I will share with you. Starting from Root Chakra all the way up to the Crown Chakra, I will drop dimes on aromatherapy and crystals, food and diet tips, natural medicine advice for different ailments, music and podcasts with guided meditations, singing exercises, little written musings on different topics around holistic health and artistic expressions of feminine wisdom.

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